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Topic: Soundcloud music not showing up
When I open my SoundCloud folder and open my party playlist that I created on SoundCloud a bunch of songs are missing. I have a frat party tomorrow so this is kinda urgent. Thank you guys so much

Posted Fri 25 Mar 22 @ 6:54 am
I never used Soundcloud service but you can check:
1- SoundCloud GO+ Sub is valid.
2- Your Soundcloud account setting.
3- Track may has copyright issue.

Posted Sun 27 Mar 22 @ 1:42 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
not every song is cleared for dj use.

Posted Sun 27 Mar 22 @ 1:55 am
I have the same problem, but only if i change the network i am using.
All songs load fine when in my house, but if i switch to mobile network to play in the garden, half the songs are missing. Also when ik take my gear over to a friends house and use their wifi, same problem.

note: all just as hobby, i'm not playing at parties. ...but still very enoying :(

Posted Thu 12 May 22 @ 9:41 am
Possibly some kind of account protection. It allows full access when it identifies you (from your IP address) but from mobile or another location it cannot link your account to your IP address.

Posted Thu 12 May 22 @ 7:53 pm