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Topic: Prime 4 - make loop buttons blink
Hi everyone,

I am the proud owner of a Denon Prime 4, which works like a dream with Virtual DJ. Just one thing: I would like to make the loop pads blink when active. Now, the pad color is just a bit more bright, but I don't think that's clear enough. So I would like the active loop pad to blink, so I can see which one is active easier.

Can anyone provide me with the script code to do that? Thanks!

Posted Fri 05 Nov 21 @ 10:02 pm
It looks like the Prime 4 simply selects the standard loop pad page for looping - so you simply change the loop pad page a little

The pads on a pad page are a little different in that they have a script for just controlling color, which makes things a little easier, because you don't have to change the action script
So what you do is go to the pad pages editor, select the loop pad page, go the the first pad you want to change, and go to it's color tab
That will say: color 'green'
The default dimming is then handled by auto-dim function (the checkbox)
What you then do is change the script to query the same script as the push action.
So for pad 1 that will be: loop_pad 1
To query it you add a question mark for "Is this thing on". So that is: loop_pad 1 ?
Then you add the blink action and another question mark to query "is the blinking turning the led on or off at this very milisecond"
So: loop_pad 1 ? blink ?
Then you add what it should do for blink on and blink off - and finally what it should do if the action is not on (as in: this loop is not running at the moment).
Then you get for instance
loop_pad 1 ? blink ? color 'green' : color 'red' : color 'green'
to have it blink between full on green and full on red
The green in the end for "not on" will still be dimmed due to the auto-dim function, so it will look like before when the loop is not in use
In the editor it looks like this:

Other options could be
loop_pad 1 ? blink ? color 'green' : color 'black' : color 'green'
To have it blink between full on green and off (black)
or maybe
loop_pad 1 ? blink 200ms ? color 'green' : color 'red' : color 'green'
to have it blink at another tempo
or maybe even
loop_pad 1 ? blink ? color 50% 'green' : color 'green' : color 'green'
to keep it all green, and have the blinking go between a dimmed green and a full on green
... you then of course have to do it for the other 7 pads as well

Posted Sun 07 Nov 21 @ 6:33 am
I did a quick video on it:


Posted Sun 07 Nov 21 @ 7:30 am
Wow Klaus, thanks a lot for your trouble! The video makes it extremely clear :-D

Posted Mon 08 Nov 21 @ 11:45 pm
Klaus your video is really amazing, Keep it up.

Posted Thu 11 Nov 21 @ 12:00 pm
Hi Klaus.
Trying to apply this script to STEMS Pads, but everything is inverted.
I want to stem pad blink when active, and lit when non active.
Can you please take a look at this?
Thank you, Tomas.

Posted Sat 25 Dec 21 @ 2:44 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
use "!?" instead of "?"

Posted Sat 25 Dec 21 @ 3:17 pm
Thank you Locodog. Works great.
Regards Tomas

Posted Sat 25 Dec 21 @ 5:08 pm
Thx Klaus!

Posted Tue 18 Jan 22 @ 8:15 pm