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Topic: Numark Platinum FX jog is not Scratching
Hello guys, I got a Numark Platinum FX and recently notice a problem that the jogs are not scratching, I think it is related to the software because if the song is pause the scratch works, then according to the manual the button SCRATCH is Toggle between Scratch (Vinyl) and Bend (CD) modes for the Jogwheel and SHIFT SCRATCH isSwap Control for Left/Right Decks. Left button toggles between Deck 1 and 3. Right button toggles between Decks 2 and 4. They are inverted, for me to swap deck is just pressing SCRATCH, then if I go to the mapper the option SHIFT_SCRATCH says vinyl mode but the mapper is empty there is not action on it, I will appreciate your help, thanks

Posted Wed 17 Mar 21 @ 2:41 pm
Using some custom mapper?
In default mapper it appears as mapped as vinyl mode for not shift click...
If you are using custom mapper, you can revert to factory default at mapper settings

(unless the definition file got inverted somehow, or your controller button)

Posted Wed 17 Mar 21 @ 3:34 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005

Posted Wed 17 Mar 21 @ 3:47 pm
djdad wrote :
Please make sure your device is on firmware 1.10 https://www.numark.com/product/mixtrack-platinum-fx

Already did that and yes to change decks now it is Shift+Scratch good, here is my problem, when I try to scratch the jog does not respond just does pitch bend, not sure if it is the hardware because if the song is on paused the jog responds to the touch so that is my doubt, I am using the default factory mapper, I will appreciate any additional details that might help me, thanks

Posted Tue 23 Mar 21 @ 8:43 pm
Make sure it is on vinyl mode, press scratch again and it will take it back to vinyl mode, i'm gonna read thru again incas you have said this

when paused if you can scratch but not while playing, that is how it sounds when it is out of vinyl mode and in cd

click the vinyl icon on screen, I can give you a mapper, I've done loads, I got 4 different pad modes to each pad, so thats 16, i love this controller

Posted Tue 23 Mar 21 @ 9:01 pm
can you fix this problem ?

Posted Thu 12 May 22 @ 5:22 pm