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Topic: stopped saving history cant save playlists
Very odd problem started sept 30th according to last history saved.

I just learned of this today, i went to save a playlist to get back to later, i gave it a quick name and thought i was good, i came back and its not there, never had that happen before and been using this since 2010,

I think no problem i at least i will have most that list in history, but nope, thats when i noticed last saved history sept 30th, so since then every time i thought i saved a playlist using its same name overwriting the previous version it wasnt really re written im thinking last time it worked was also sept 30th. So lots of wasted time.

I rooted around on here, all the folder setting are good i even did a clean install of vdj and still it wont let me save a playlist, not saving my work makes this pretty useless at the moment.

Many thanks for any ideas,
Vdj 7.4 win7



Posted Mon 05 Oct 20 @ 3:24 am
if i try to delete a saved playlist in 7 is does say it needs admin permission, but according to file priorities it has permission, please help.

Posted Mon 05 Oct 20 @ 5:18 am
Update: problem solved!

While permission setting must be correct mine were yet i still had the issue and will explain in hopes of helping others.

After checking over and over my OCD was placated my settings were correct, and the machine had no viruses.

I thought what could do this, and wala it hit me, the antivirus, sure enough avast free version has a file protector that casuses my issue i did some testing and current versions of VDJ do not have this conflict with avast just the 7.4 version i like using,

In the past avast and 7 got along but i forgot i did watch the debates on this laptap and avast updated and bang thats when my issue stated,

So if you like old versions like me and it stops saving stuff after you check folder permissions turn off your anti virus and see if that helps, did for me.

So i just installed avast without the file protector.

Thanks all,

Posted Mon 05 Oct 20 @ 5:35 pm