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Topic: Additional Search Box Above Sidelists
It would be really useful if we could have an additional search box above the Sidelist panel that searches the List active.

Say you have a playlist with 200 songs and you are adding songs it can be very time consuming checking for songs in the list before you add new ones. Being able to search in a way similar to the main search where it temporarilly only reveals the songs that match your search in the current list would be really helpful.

If you work off playlists for full night gigs spanning several hours its useful to search for songs towards the end of the night and check you haven't played them.

Again, it's useful if you could simply search against your current list allowing you to leave your list side panel maximised rather than using the main browser area search to check songs played.

Datatables html table plugin for websites adds a search bar which allows instant searching of results panes. This is exactly what I am referring to. Search within resultset for lists. NOT the search within ALL playlists like we already have. Just the current list selected in the sidelist.

I hope this makes sense.

DJ Ricky Gold

Posted Mon 06 Jul 20 @ 6:17 am
I always have 'auto remove played' enabled, so, during the course of a night the list will gradually shrink and will only show what has not been played.

You can also remove duplicates.

If you are trying to add a song that has already been played, then, it should be showing that when you select it.

Posted Mon 06 Jul 20 @ 6:59 am