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Topic: Broadcasting Page Simplified
Hi VDJ team,

With the quarantine happening, I am broadcasting more than ever. Listeners keep getting confused with my VDJ broadcasting page. The first thing the listener sees is the VDJ Login and other non-relevant information for a listener and they think they are supposed to sign in. They give up that easy to complain that it's too complicated to sign in even though I explain for them to scroll down and press the "Play" Triangle but still a good portion of listeners don't get it.

Could we make this page real simple with nothing on it but a play button at the top? Or even better start playing automatically once they go to the page?

Also, consider making this page a widget so they can listen while doing other work on their computer.

Thanks, guys.

Posted Sun 22 Mar 20 @ 12:28 am
Yes we might try something more new and modern for the broadcast page real soon ;-)

Posted Sun 22 Mar 20 @ 12:49 am