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Topic: Stream Integration With Another User Back To Back Sets Remotely
I have DJ friends all over the world. When I visit them we can mix back to back which is awesome. It would be really cool to be able to mix with friends in remote places by streaming their master out to a deck of your choice.

You would stream one of their decks to a selected deck on your instance and they would stream one of yours to a selected deck.

In order for this to work the stream would need to be active, but also transfer the current song playing so it can be read / loaded with meta data etc, like it was loaded in your deck locally. This would allow waveform to be loaded on track play on the remote computer.

Duration, elapsed and remaining time could also be sent over with stream as additional data and used to sync the track progress on remote computer. On track end, the remote track would end until a new track loaded and played.

This could be an extra paid for addon.

This would be great fun for CoronaVirus lockdown also :-)

Posted Fri 20 Mar 20 @ 2:29 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
Would be fine and VB-Audio Voicemeeter with its VBAN protocol may be used this way or a start point
Everything needed seems to be there, but configuration is a mess
IMHO some tries may be interesting

Posted Fri 20 Mar 20 @ 2:48 pm