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I went to his website and it says beta but no download link?

Posted Sat 22 May 21 @ 7:06 pm
SBDJPRO Infinity Member since 2006
It was a closed beta, but I've made it public beta now.

Posted Wed 26 May 21 @ 5:36 pm
It's in the SBDJ's forum, confused me too, at first. You've made it, mate, cheers. I'm just sad it's forgotten that I've did it first, over some Firesomething plugin and Milkdrop Flash version, but Firesomething is dead, just like poor Flash, too... Anyway, I've had to download some DirectX optional components to install, and later everything went OK, pretty smooth. After 11 years, I'm glad to see it pumping up on my Sony Bravia, awesome...

Posted Wed 26 May 21 @ 9:27 pm
Working OK on Windows 11. Just had to install those DirectX SDK stuff, about 90 MB and it's rocking.


Posted Sat 06 Nov 21 @ 4:43 pm
mixmat6Home userMember since 2010
SBDJ wrote :
I have a working 64bit Milkdrop plugin, will be releasing a beta version soon :)

Heck yes dude!

Posted Mon 29 Nov 21 @ 1:59 am
mixmat6 wrote :
SBDJ wrote :
I have a working 64bit Milkdrop plugin, will be releasing a beta version soon :)

Heck yes dude!

how many years ago was this post?

Posted Sun 06 Feb 22 @ 4:13 pm

Posted Sun 06 Feb 22 @ 5:00 pm
I installed on my windows 10 (had'nt opened the Alien 17 in a while,have 2 Alienwares 18 but with windows 7)..and all i see was the older milkdrops which dont work of course..so i wondered if the new install is in the correct folder..its under video effects,not visualization...should i move this milkdrop folder?..can you guys check your milkdrop 64bit location?..edit..should'nt it be inside the plugin 64/visualizations?

Posted Sun 06 Feb 22 @ 10:38 pm

Posted Mon 07 Feb 22 @ 2:31 am
unfurtunatley there are other things not working right now...the video screen (if i dont use a monitor) will not stay on top...the thing the thing is that windows 10 is problems..right now i am tripping as i had not used windows 10 setup..i get best results on w7..anyways..yes..the milkdrop was just downloaded from SBDJ's site?

Posted Mon 07 Feb 22 @ 3:15 am
So ok..i've moved the installed folder with the new milkdrop to the start of the 64 bit plugings as i noticed the old milk drop installed in the plugin foland the 2 monitors are being ocupiedder but not in the visualization or other folder..i also had double-0clicked on the executalbe and seen a screen open..then it hit me..this is like what scott was working on way back?...like the "M project"?...hmm..so i reopened vdj 2021 and sure enough..it does not project thru the vdj screen at all ..and you are to drag this new screen to a monitor? (didnt do that as i have 2 monitors but 3 alienware laptops so the monitors are ocupied...which brings me to the next issue ...on the windows 10 with vdj 2021 the mini screen will not stay on top!...never had this occured before...but before means with windows 7...therefore...why all these issues with windows 10?..is it worth it?.. .i'm disappointed..

Posted Mon 07 Feb 22 @ 6:21 am
The "mini screen" is just a conduit or monitor, not the main Milkdrop output.

Posted Wed 09 Feb 22 @ 7:10 pm
So how do you deal with it Groove?...man,I dont see it in the main window..

Posted Fri 11 Feb 22 @ 2:16 am
I struggled with it too (thread on SBDJ forum) but eventually did get it working. I can't remember how.

That was on my tower PC. Recently I bought a new laptop, but can't get it to appear on there.

Posted Fri 11 Feb 22 @ 5:51 pm