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Topic: Automix Action not working

i have an action point on a song for 'pitch -11 bpm' - this works fine if i manually drag the song into the current deck, but when automix is used it doesn't kick in. Is there a specific way to have an action be able to work through automix?

I have it set as follows

Macro action: pitch -11 bpm
Type: Action
Cue: Invisible (have also tried the others)


Posted Mon 09 Sep 19 @ 3:14 pm
I've been experimenting a bit more and I think I have figured out why it's not working.

I set a cue point way after the transition of the song, so the song has played at the original tempo for a few seconds, and in that cue point I put the action command and it worked fine. What I think this means is that no POI actions are taken into account whilst an automix transition is happening, but if a POI is encountered after the transition (blue area in automix editor) then it works ok. This kind of works for me, but i'd prefer the song to start with the action already taken effect (change in BPM).

So anyone know how to get automix to take into account a POI action during the transition period of one song to another?

Posted Tue 10 Sep 19 @ 9:22 am