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I took the plunge and purchased virtual DJ remote for Android my Tablet which is a samsung SM-T725 when it installed i ran it but was given a warning saying that i must download an updated version. i am running Android 9 can someone from the support team tell me if this will run or is there an update being made to support newer Android devices.

Posted Wed 04 Sep 19 @ 6:05 pm
it updates via google play app store, so check for updates in there.

Posted Wed 04 Sep 19 @ 11:39 pm
Same problem here.
I have used VDJ remote a few times so it was working for sure, but I also got the Android 9 update a few weeks ago. So I have started VDJ Remote a few minutes ago and I got the same message. It's build for an older version of Android and you need to check for updates.. If you click "Check for updates" you're forwarded to the Google play store and there is no update.

If you just click "Ok" button instead of Check for updates, it will start VDJ remote, but I have to test if it still works with VDJ2020. To be continued.....

PS: It is not fullscreen anymore...

Posted Tue 24 Sep 19 @ 6:32 am
remote app for android works fine with VDJ2020 (2020 version is still v8.something and nothing has changed within virtualdj)

but i do agree the remote app could do with updating, browser features need to be added and vector skin options would be beneficial

Posted Thu 17 Oct 19 @ 4:10 pm
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
This is an Android compatibility warning only.
Many old enough apps created for older versions of Android are affected because they use some "tagged as obsolete" features
Of course it must going on working with VDJ but in a near future it may not work anymore with newest Android version

royvanmeel writed : "PS: It is not fullscreen anymore..."
the fullscreen compatibility may be the reason of this warning

Posted Thu 17 Oct 19 @ 7:12 pm

An update will come in near future for the Remote app as well :)

Posted Thu 17 Oct 19 @ 7:22 pm
Trying out the remote. Using an iPad(2018). My home WiFi.

The iPad keeps disconnecting after a song or so. When it does disconnect, I have to shut down the VDJ on computer in order to recconnect.

Posted Sat 02 Nov 19 @ 12:31 pm
Yes, it's not great at the moment and I have the similar issues on iOS. Been needing updated for years so let's hope it's not too long.

Posted Sat 02 Nov 19 @ 1:48 pm
Not to change the topic, however I am trying to use the app to access the eq10 or eq30 plug in.

If there a way to access the master effects on the remote?


Posted Sat 02 Nov 19 @ 6:44 pm

Posted Wed 06 Nov 19 @ 3:17 pm
Support staff wrote :

An update will come in near future for the Remote app as well


Assuming the "near future" is measured in months not years, please consider making the update compatible with the Apple Watch. Algoriddim have already done this with their Djay software,and there's also a Watch app from Pacemaker.

(Can anyone guess what I've just bought? :-) )

Posted Mon 25 Nov 19 @ 8:48 pm
Would be fine just to get it to work with my basic ipad.

And the default skin is truly horrible.

Posted Mon 25 Nov 19 @ 9:06 pm
PhilWPRO InfinityMember since 2011
And all I want is for it keep working if I put my phone or tablet to sleep (once it wakes up, that is).

Posted Tue 26 Nov 19 @ 3:41 pm
Another update and no changes to the remote app. Sigh.

Atomix should just bin it rather than leave it like this.

Posted Wed 27 Nov 19 @ 7:13 am
My business case would be (all examples):

VDJ2020 - downloaded 20.000.000 times last months..

VDJ Remote - sold 10.000 times in the last few years...

Let's give our 20.000.000 users a bug free environment, stable en maybe some extra features? Let's use our 9 out of 10 employees for this.
And give that one employee the task to develop a new VDJ remote app (or maybe they hire someone because mobile apps are a totally other expertise).

I agree that "we" (as paid VDJ remote users) want some service and updates too, but hey it still works.
I'm using the remote maybe two times a year so for me it is not a big problem and I always can buy a cheap, older Android device :)

Posted Wed 27 Nov 19 @ 8:57 am
It does not work properly, that's been my point for a couple of years.

Constantly crashes on iOS.

Posted Wed 27 Nov 19 @ 9:01 am
royvanmeel wrote :
.....and I always can buy a cheap, older Android device :)

The times I used the remote (with Android), it never crashed on me. Maybe you can buy a cheap old Android device and use that just for VDJ Remote?

Posted Wed 27 Nov 19 @ 9:09 am
Shouldn't have to though.

It should work properly on ipad as the app is still being sold in the Apple app store.

I have a brand new Samsung tablet but use the ipad at gigs.

Yiu also need to pay for the app again if you want to use a different platform.

As much as I love VDJ this is getting silly now.

Posted Wed 27 Nov 19 @ 9:17 am
I can test the iOS VDJ remote also. A few years ago I bought the Android remote for my Android device AND the iOS VDJ remote for my iPad.
I still have an iPad2 which does not update iOS anymore. So if it works... maybe the OS changes are killing the app?

Posted Wed 27 Nov 19 @ 9:23 am
Well it looks like the remote got an update, according to my iPad. A fix for iOS 13 is all it says.

Posted Mon 02 Dec 19 @ 10:30 pm
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