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Topic: Sometimes it fails when I play a song
(excuse me for my english, it's not my first language)

Hello, sometimes when I play a song the software doesn't play it properly, it sounds weird even though I played it multiple times before and it always sounded good.

I thought it was because my laptop was too old but I got the new macbook pro, but it keeps failing sometimes with random songs, so it's obviously a VirtualDJ bug, and it's embarrassing when it happens in the club. Do you know any way to fix it?


Posted Sun 28 Jul 19 @ 1:38 am
The term "doesn't play properly" doesn't really help us to understand your problem.
Can you try to explain it better ?

Posted Tue 30 Jul 19 @ 8:44 am
I meant the software doesn't charge the song well, it starts breaking and also adds some delay to the song, it's very weird. And if I charge that song on the opposite channel, the song breaks even more, I have to choose a different song and then go back to the song I wanted to play previously to fix it.

I wish someone could help me with this issue because I really like Virtual DJ but now I have to pre listen to every song I'm playing in the club to check it doesn't crack and it's a bummer :/

Posted Sat 10 Aug 19 @ 7:06 pm
PhilWPRO InfinityMember since 2011
What controller are you using if any? Please post your audio configuration from VDJ.

What type of computer is it? OS? Processor, memory and other specs?

If you are using a controller, what happens when you use VDJ without it?

Does other software play the files correctly? What type of files are they?

Posted Sun 11 Aug 19 @ 4:25 pm
Turn all your power save functions off.... Put the laptop into high performance mode. However you do that with a MAC, I don't know. Check the size of the ASIO buffer.

Posted Mon 12 Aug 19 @ 3:41 pm
mitchiemasha wrote :
Check the size of the ASIO buffer.

There isn't one on a Mac (they don't use ASIO).

Posted Mon 12 Aug 19 @ 4:29 pm
or what ever buffer they happen to use.

Posted Thu 15 Aug 19 @ 10:58 pm