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Topic: Multi Touch missing Sidelist
Hey guys I don't know what is up with Multi Touch in 2018, but sidelist at the bottom is not there, I have it turned on in settings as it works in default skin. Just getting into the newest VDJ and I am in love!! Thanks!!

Posted Sat 06 Jul 19 @ 3:38 am
Probably because it's a customized browser (doesn't use the default browser code).

I'm not sure exactly which skin you're referring to, but I just tried an old Multi Touch skin on my PC and in full screen browser view there were no tracks listed, despite the track quantity showing. I've encountered this before on a custom browser. The XML code needs to be updated.

On the other hand, the more recent Multi Touchscreen skin works fine.

Posted Sat 06 Jul 19 @ 6:45 am
It is the most recent Multi touch skin. The automix list and everything on the right side works great, the bottom sidelist is what I am talkin about and it doesnt work for me. Like I said I just upgraded from 7 to 2018 so it is a learning curve a little for me. If I switch to default skin the sidelist is there.

Posted Sat 06 Jul 19 @ 10:35 pm
This one?

As stated, it's a custom browser - all the various elements within the browser have been hand coded to suit a small touch screen.

If the skin simply used the default browser code then 'horizontal sidelist' would work because it's hard coded into the default browser. With a custom browser, that option would've had to be coded in when the skin was written.

[later] I just checked to see whether the horizontal sidelist works in the tablet version of the default skin, and it does - so the XML code from that part of the default skin could be used to replace the code in the Multi Touchscreen skin.

I can have a go at that if you'd like...

[later] Ah, the default tablet skin uses 'touchscreenmode' to change the appearance of the browser - but that means it's in grid view.

Posted Sun 07 Jul 19 @ 8:52 am
Thanks for takin the time, if it is somethin that can be fixed cool, if not oh well lol!

Posted Sun 07 Jul 19 @ 5:55 pm
Do you use the browser in list or grid mode? Are you actually using it via a touch screen (silly question but you never know)?

The easiest thing to do is substitute the custom browser for the default one, but it may not suit you - which is why I ask the above questions.

Posted Sun 07 Jul 19 @ 6:08 pm
I use it in list mode, I use both the touch screen and the mouse.

Posted Sun 07 Jul 19 @ 9:07 pm
Well how about I make the mod for you, and you see how you get on?

Posted Mon 08 Jul 19 @ 11:38 am
I would appreciate it my friend, thank you.

Posted Sat 13 Jul 19 @ 7:02 am
Let me know if u get around to tryin that for me thanks!

Posted Sat 20 Jul 19 @ 6:48 pm