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Topic: Offline Log in messages and Online features
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
When not initially connected some pages show a request to be connected
AskTheDJ is one, broadcast is another, Cloudlist is a third one

They all three differ i the way they handle the leak of login:
- AskThe dj displays a "Please Log In" have to right click the Virtual folder & click the "log in" popup menu item
- Broadcast writes the message "You must be logged in for broadcasting" and provides the link "log in here" which opens the "Welcome dialog"
- CloudLList opens the "Welcome dialog" but no right click popup entry "Log in"

I would be fine AskTheDJ make the message sensitive and popup the "Welcome dialog"
and both Cloudlist and AskTheDJ Act the same way

Once loggedin AskThe DJ still goes on display the message 'PLEASE LOG IN"
would be fine it auto refresh, currently need to select another folder then comeback to AskTheDJ again

Once connected the displayed message is
for AskTheDJ : "Your audience can write to you on :"
for Broadcast : "To listen to your broadcast, send your friends to:"

would be fine if AskTheDJ would say :
and the the same with Venue Name if specified

and there is no Log Out function
may be usefull when a part does not need a Request/Tip/Contact anymore

Posted Fri 28 Jun 19 @ 6:12 pm