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Topic: Stack issue with intel drivers
The commented section works fine
to make the transition look smoother i use a stack

on an old intel GPU G43/G45 with core duo E6700 with microsoft drivers everything works great

what is strange is Using
- I5 3470 with Intel HD 2500 - latest 2019 drivers
- I7 3770 HD 4000 - latest drivers
there is no transition at all and refresh needs to be forcee i.e.: by clicking on global + resize

i tried other things but video such as as square or textzone
and less items
no stack is working on these machines

<window name="video2" prop="0" width="364" height="204" posx="0" posy="0" shown="yes" >
<visual type="color" source="constant 'red'" width="364" height="204"/>
<panel name="videomixer2">
<tooltip>Second video #`get_var '@$v2out'`</tooltip>
<video class="extravideo" source="master" visibility="var '@$v2out' 0"/>
<video class="extravideo" source="deck" deck="1" visibility="var '@$v2out' 1"/>
<video class="extravideo" source="deck" deck="2" visibility="var '@$v2out' 2"/>
<video class="extravideo" source="deck" deck="3" visibility="var '@$v2out' 3"/>
<video class="extravideo" source="deck" deck="4" visibility="var '@$v2out' 4"/>
<video class="extravideo" source="deck" deck="5" visibility="var '@$v2out' 5"/>
<video class="extravideo" source="deck" deck="6" visibility="var '@$v2out' 6"/>
<stack class="extravideo" fadein="500ms" fadeout="800ms">
<slot x="0" y="0" />
<item visibility="var '@$v2out' 0"><video class="extravideo" source="master"/></item>
<item visibility="var '@$v2out' 1"><video class="extravideo" source="deck" deck="1"/></item>
<item visibility="var '@$v2out' 2"><video class="extravideo" source="deck" deck="2"/></item>
<item visibility="var '@$v2out' 3"><video class="extravideo" source="deck" deck="3"/></item>
<item visibility="var '@$v2out' 4"><video class="extravideo" source="deck" deck="4"/></item>
<item visibility="var '@$v2out' 5"><video class="extravideo" source="deck" deck="5"/></item>
<item visibility="var '@$v2out' 6"><video class="extravideo" source="deck" deck="6"/></item>
<resizezone x="332" y="180" width="32" height="36"/>

any idea ?

Posted Thu 27 Jun 19 @ 5:28 pm
Just detect experimentalSkinEngine set to on for all
disabling experimentalSkinEngine fixes the issue on Intel HD 2500 and Intel HD 4000
old nVidia Quadro 450 experiment the same issue - i5 as well :/
no difference with GPU G43/G45 which works fine with both settings

Posted Wed 03 Jul 19 @ 9:00 am