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Topic: Still hoping for drag and drop feature on VDJ8
I had switch over completely to VDJ8 but I still would love the choice of using drag and drop features. It's so much easier to remove songs I changed my mind to play etc. Put it option to have a choice to use it or not

Posted Mon 17 Jun 19 @ 5:11 am
PachNPRO InfinityMember since 2009
You're talking about drag&drop a track from the side-/ automix list to remove it, right?

Posted Mon 17 Jun 19 @ 7:57 am
I've built a custom button to right of my browser with the " Remove " command. This will remove the selected track..

Posted Sat 22 Jun 19 @ 10:12 am
yes to remove it completely from sidelist

Posted Thu 27 Jun 19 @ 6:14 pm