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Topic: KYLiE - CGYOOMH (1st Promo Mix used for Airplay 2001
Hey guys, Looking for a rare mix that was created for those Saturday night - In the Mix DJ Shows. Dunno about the U.K but here in Melbourne it got played on Fox FM a couple of Saturday nights (late Sept, Oct) & I also heard it on Nova during the weekend day time.
From memory, this mix was done very quickly, the track had no official mixes ready & weren't expecting any for a few weeks so they came up with an extended promo mix which had a "bubbly sound effect" to make it sound more clubby.
If you have this track or know which mix I'm talking about plz PM. I am willing to swap:

Original & Official...
I Believe In You (Instrumental)
Spinning Around (Instrumental)
On A Night Like This (Instrumental)
Red Blooded Woman (Instrumental)
+ Many More......

Timebomb (Instrumental + Backing & Main Vocals)
The One (Dj Multitrack / Stem Pack - (Main & Backing Vocals + Instrumental + Main Synth)
Come Into My World (Extended Promo Instrumental Mix) (Main & Backing Vocals)

That's to name a few from the top of my head..
SWAP ONLY for the CGYOOMH 2001 Promo Mix, NOTHING else! It can even be a "Radio RIP" as long as it's complete-ish!

Cheers big Ears!

Posted Fri 24 May 19 @ 3:20 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013

Posted Fri 24 May 19 @ 3:37 pm
Been there, done that my friend.. Been searching since 2001!

Posted Fri 24 May 19 @ 5:41 pm
Do those radio stations still exist? If so, have you contacted them?

Posted Fri 24 May 19 @ 6:24 pm
Yes,, I did.. I did it all. I even emailed Steve Anderson but nada! I'm not giving up. It took me 15 years to find the Fever & Whenever You Feel Like It 12" White label mixes on vinyl so here's hoping, one day! ;-)

Posted Sat 25 May 19 @ 1:27 pm
What about Rob Davis or Cathy Dennis? She's on Twitter. He's represented by Wardlaw Music.

Posted Sat 25 May 19 @ 1:40 pm
I actually never thought of going to the main source... Not a bad idea! Thanks for that :-)

Posted Sun 26 May 19 @ 2:55 pm

Posted Tue 04 Jun 19 @ 8:46 am