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Topic: Loop Back jumps to random place in the music
shumeHome userMember since 2018
Controller: Numark-Mixtrack-Pro 3
Vritual DJ Version: 8.3

When using manual loops + loop back mode I'm experiencing unexpected behavior. To try to start a loop, I press the on/off button. Instead of the loop ending at the point where I pressed loop back, it will start/end at a random point in the song (always before the original point). I expect pressing the on/off button to create a loop ending at my current point and starting at # beats before the current point. Is there any way I can get this to behave like I want it to?

For example I have some screen caps

Before I press on/off

After I press on/off

I'm using factory settings and I can't reproduce this when I press Loop (3rd button on the top row in the Manual loop) on the software.

Posted Thu 25 Apr 19 @ 3:07 am
Ok so I think I figured it out and it's definitely way easier than I expected looking at the mapping screen definitely confused me.

Basically the button you're actually looking to map, the "on/off" button in the program, is called "reloop" in the VDJ controller mapping settings (lil gear thing > controllers > reloop)

The button in the factory setting is set to reloop, which basically means it starts the loop wherever you last pressed "in". But if you haven't created a loop-in before pressing the "on/off" button, it goes back to where you last pressed "in" or to the beginning of the track

Change that parameter to just "loop". Like literally just put in that one word and viola, it works.

I also suggest going into options and finding the "loopBackMode" option in the first section called "options" and changing it to "smart". This way, if the song is paused, the loop will be set the loop ahead into the song, and will loop back what you just heard while you're playing , in however many bars you set. Cool way to do loops on the fly.

Hope this helped!

Posted Mon 08 Jul 19 @ 5:45 pm