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Virtual Team,

I see that Denon Came out with an amazing new product called the Denon Prime 4... I will not purchase unless I know Virtual DJ has done the mapping for it... Could you let me know if this is in process, and what features will not work with virtual.....

Thank You,

Posted Tue 23 Apr 19 @ 3:31 pm
It is primarily a standalone controller with midi being a secondary feature. Why spend all that money to control VDJ when the MC7000 can do the same at half the price?

The SC5000 have been out for 2 years and still aren't supported so I wouldn't hold my breath.

Posted Tue 23 Apr 19 @ 3:41 pm
I agree with Keith. If you need a controller, buy a controller - not a standalone "DJ system" that is designed to work without a computer.

Besides, the thing was supposed to be available back in March, but as every week goes by, the shipping date slips further and further into the future.

Meanwhile, Pioneer just announced a new controller and BAM! it's in the shops already.

Posted Tue 23 Apr 19 @ 6:31 pm
Totally embarrassing for Denon but it doesn't seem they care.

Been very quiet on their forum too from staff. Despite many repeated promises neither Prime or the SC units have had updates to fix some pretty serious bugs.

I love my MCX8000 primarily because it's so good with VDJ but I think I'd be pushed to buy from them again, which is a shame as I have bought their gear since the DN-2000F. Saying that Denon aren't really Denon any more, they have just kept the name like Mini.

Posted Tue 23 Apr 19 @ 6:34 pm
Yeah, I've always had & liked Denon stuff in the past, and it's been rock solid. DN-2500F twin CD players, HC4500 controller, HS5500 media players.

I've moved over to Pioneer now. SX2 and RZ controllers. Keeping my eyes and ears open though.

It doesn't matter to me who makes the stuff, if it meets my needs and/or rings my bells then I'll buy it.

The Prime 4 does spark a certain something in me, but being stuck with the small screen and Denon's idea of a GUI is putting me off. I do like being able to change skins in VDJ when I need/want to.

Posted Tue 23 Apr 19 @ 6:45 pm
I think there are going to be a lot of complaints about the UI. Many people have foolishly placed orders before actually seeing it in action. Prime is still horrific.

They reallly could have offered a modular or skinnable UI but that's too clever for Denon.

Posted Tue 23 Apr 19 @ 7:05 pm
Even Pioneer don't allow the user to change the appearance of the GUI on e.g. the CDJ-2000, which is one reason why I've not bought any of their screen-inclusive products.

IMO the smaller the screen, the more need there is to have it customizable to the users requirements.

I never got myself a Denon HD2500 because the screen was divided in two. It just made the ability to see artist & track info a nightmare. I got a Numark D2 instead, which used the entire screen. The screens on the Denon HS5500 were better but still a fixed layout and a PITA with titles longer than a couple of words.

If the screen layout was good enough, I would like to have a standalone unit...

Posted Tue 23 Apr 19 @ 7:34 pm
In the case of the Prime 4 though I think a lot of people will be disappointed. Prime is full of bugs and has a database limit of 10,000 tracks (after that it goes all sluggish).

The unit can hold a 1tb (or larger) HDD so even it's own software isn't compatible with the unit.

Denon are a big joke just now.

Posted Tue 23 Apr 19 @ 7:57 pm
All good yeah I have a few controllers i use, including the pioneer SX series, and denon 7000... However this caught my eye because I would use the internal prime as a backup, and this particular controller has both mic's in XLR (which usually has not been done).... When i go to the EXPO this year i'll bring this up to denon directly... I was hoping this controller was gonna be better than pioneer's version, because that was just not very well done... WE shall see, because if virtual maps the controller it could be good for events , if not then its useless...

Posted Thu 25 Apr 19 @ 9:28 pm

It's still a PITA that both Prime and VDJ databases (and even playlists) aren't transferable.

You have to treat the VDJ side and the engine side as two completely separate collections.

Posted Fri 26 Apr 19 @ 6:09 am
VeksCZLE userMember since 2015
Guys, there can be bunch of reasons to have standalone controller WITH ability to control DJ softwares. In my case it is mainly library view. I play weddings in the main season and I need different genres and big collection there. It is much slower to find and select next good track when you have only 6 rows and you need to scroll through it. I need a laptop with 20 or so rows and quick switching between playlists with different genres. In standalone controllers it requires about two extra steps and loadings more. But I play also gigs at clubs with the latest music only out of wedding season. I don't need the big library view that much but I do need all those functions and effects. And the second reason for me is that MC7000 and MCX8000 have mirrored layout which I am not used to in my whole 18 years career. It is good idea for controllers but play button was allways at the left side of the CD players and turntables and I got used it.

Posted Tue 30 Apr 19 @ 6:58 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
FYI, Prime 4 will be fully supported in VirtualDJ, including screen and screen-UI customization. However, there is still some road till that moment, so there is really no ETA as we speak.

Posted Tue 30 Apr 19 @ 7:01 am
djdad wrote :
screen-UI customization

That sounds great! Are Denon working with Atomix on this?

If they are, I was just wondering if they will be adding the ability to import data from the VDJ database (as currently they're stating the usual Serato, Traktor, iTunes, Rekordbox......but no VDJ).

Posted Tue 30 Apr 19 @ 5:59 pm

Posted Sat 25 May 19 @ 2:14 pm
Hope they're not too disappointed with Engine Prime. The BPM analysis in it is shocking.

Maybe we're too used to VDJ being well put together but I feel Denon are making a mistake releasing this machine with Prime being so incomplete.

There is absolutely no way I could use that to create libraries for working with every gig.

Posted Sat 25 May 19 @ 4:48 pm
Hey folks! Stumbled upon this clip the other day. It's about how to get Virtual DJ to a drive that works on the DENON prime ecosystem.


Posted Sun 16 Jun 19 @ 11:23 am
The Prime 4 hardware is great - really capable and fun to play on - but I'm very much looking forward to the vdj mapping. I bet Denon is as well because Engine Prime stability and workflow really, really sucks, especially if you do mobiles and need to update your library on a regular basis.

I used vdj standalone last weekend because EP corrupted my library while updating a few hours before a wedding.

Any updates on when a mapping will be available?

Posted Fri 02 Aug 19 @ 7:22 pm
Engine is utterly terrible and lets the controller down badly. I'm sure the team are working on it however Serato mapping hasn't been released either.

With Denon everything takes months if ever at all so don't hold your breath.

Its a total embarrassment for a once great company to end up like this.

Using their decent hardware with Engine is like buying a Ferrari without an engine. I hardly ever update my memory sticks for the MCX8000 as it's a ballache and Engine keeps crashing..

I too lost an entire database due to corruption and it took days to rebuild it from scratch. I love my MCX but only with VDJ. Engine is unusable.

P. S I saw your post on the Denon forum but I don't sign in and reply any more. If you criticise in any way their staff disguised as Djs give you hell.

Posted Fri 02 Aug 19 @ 8:44 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
That's the deal, Denon mistaked talent with ambition, they make solid hardware [for years] but they're years behind with firmware/software.
They'll eventually catch up to where we are now, but they'll always be years behind.

Posted Fri 02 Aug 19 @ 9:48 pm
cj-janPRO InfinityMember since 2004
djdad wrote :
FYI, Prime 4 will be fully supported in VirtualDJ, including screen and screen-UI customization. However, there is still some road till that moment, so there is really no ETA as we speak.

Any progress to this topic? I'd Love top have VDJ as backup Form my Prime 4.

Posted Mon 19 Aug 19 @ 10:34 am
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