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Topic: Repositioning minidecks
On the default VDJ 4 deck skin, I am trying to reposition the minidecks a little lower so i can have a bigger waveform display above them. However changing

<panel name="minidecks" visible="browser_zoom">

to either of the two options below:

<panel name="minidecks" x="0" y="200" visible="browser_zoom">
<panel name="minidecks" x="+0" y="+200" visible="browser_zoom">

shows no change when I reload my skin. What am i missing?
Is there a way to move all the minidecks and the mixer section downwards by say 200 pixels without having to go in and edit each elements position?


Posted Sat 20 Apr 19 @ 2:36 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013

line 3924
<panel name="mini decks" x="11" y="139+200" visible="browser_zoom" >

line 4358
<browser showzoom="true" >
<pos x="11" y="430"/>
<size width="1898" height="639"/>

After that compose your newly sized waves

Posted Sat 20 Apr 19 @ 3:10 pm
Thank for the response @locodog
I tried what you've suggested. It works great on the 2 deck skin. But repositioning the minidecks doesnt work on the 4 deck skin. Repositioning/resizing the browser does work though. Weird.
I guess the elements are structured differently for the 4 deck skin? When i set visible as off for the minidecks, the deck and browser disappear but the mixer section is still visible. When I do that in the 2 deck skin, the mixer section also disappears.

Any expert advice on how i can tackle this?

Posted Sun 23 Jun 19 @ 7:25 am
I just had a quick look....

On the 2 deck skin, the ' minimixer' group is within the 'mini decks' panel, but on the 4 deck skin there are two separate panels - 'minidecks' and 'minimixer' at 7741 and 8319 respectively.

Posted Sun 23 Jun 19 @ 8:13 am