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Topic: Duplicate entries in all types of folder and recurse
Basically,i think that both filter and virtual folders should produce results based on file physical file is why.
If i have a main physical folder named that folder i create a virtual folder name hot reggae,and subfolders reggae 1 and reggae 2.
Now if i create a filter folder in the virtual folder hot reggae,with the aim of showing all the files from both reggae 1 and 2 subfolders by using folder(recursive) filter works well.
But if i create a filter folder inside the main reggae Physical Folder(the one made in windows itself) with the same parameters...3 instances of the song in truth..there are 3 'versions' of the song..1 in the root folder,another in the virtual folder(be it reggae 1 or 2) and 1 in the filter folder that shows both the reggae 1 & 2 combined.
They are all the same file..with exact physical location and filename.
Is there a way for 1 file to appear?
Also..sort of related...if i right click the main reggae physical folder and hit recurse...the same happens...3 entries for 1 song..
I hope i have not confused u guys!

Posted Fri 29 Mar 19 @ 10:16 pm
Any feedback on this?

Posted Tue 23 Apr 19 @ 11:15 pm