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Topic: Better load/save_deck_set Integration
Having to see a load or save dialog from VDJ just seems kinda weird...

Could Deck Sets be incorporated in to the Browser or in to a SideView where you use a grid or large button like on the sampler to make Sets easier to save & load.

As they are XML files, you could automatically save them under a new folder called Sets under the VirtualDJ folder. This would also mean that Sets would be as postable as your external hard drive/database and go with you.

They can also be added to the new backup feature...

The saving and loading of Sets could be integrated in to the SideView.

A dedicated editor would allow you to fine tune your Set, like change the default cue point, or update the file in case the original file name has changed or has been removed.

I can see potential for sets, but it's missing the 2018 flare and proper integration.



Posted Sun 17 Mar 19 @ 10:30 pm