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Topic: sync-beat matching
hello ladies and gentelman.
im sure this question has been asked a million times. This digital djing is completely new to me. been a vinyl dj for 20 years but it time to spread my wings as such.
For the life of me i cant match 2 tunes. i swear it feels like i have tried everything. watched every video 20 times and still no success.
beatlock work for about ten minutes then stopped again. At this point im beyond frustrated.
if theres an idiots guide to syncing, beat matching, could someone be as kind as to explain it to me.
thanks in advance

Posted Sat 16 Feb 19 @ 12:06 pm

Posted Sat 16 Feb 19 @ 12:09 pm
user19282678 wrote :

For the life of me i cant match 2 tunes

OK......but which two tunes? Are they modern tracks that have a steady BPM, or old ones (real drummer) that drift?

It's all about the CBG (beat grid). VDJ doesn't sync the tracks, it syncs the beat grids of the tracks. Therefore, if the beat grid doesn't align perfectly with the beats in the track, then the computer won't be able to sync it.

Modern tracks should be quite easy to align with the CBG - but old ones that drift have to be manually tweaked, and that can take forever.

Unfortunately VDJ cannot automatically align the CBG on old drifty tracks, nor can it correct any drifting and straighten tracks out to a fixed tempo.

Posted Sat 16 Feb 19 @ 12:18 pm
thanks for the tips guys. its all foreign to me just now. even the terminology makes me nervous. think im one of that people that need to be showen, not told.
i cant even pre-cue or use any headphone function.
cant let it beat me.
my style is progresssive house and melodic techno so i think my tunes should all be recent enough.
give me technics 1210'S any day

Posted Sat 16 Feb 19 @ 12:26 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
Ok lets start at the start, what hardware do you have and could we see a screenshot of your audioConfig menu in vdj.

Posted Sat 16 Feb 19 @ 1:35 pm