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Topic: Hercules MK4 Problems - Need Alternative Mixer
LJdaDJPRO InfinityMember since 2003
Good day everyone. I have 2 Hercules MK4 Mixers that we use at weddings. Lately both of them have been playing around (music pitch will increase like crazy without being near to the mixer). I have tried the USB cable solution or external power hub as suggested by Hercules, but without any luck.

I am looking for an alternative to the MK4 mixer (same size or even smaller). We basically use the mixer for just adjusting the volume on each channel.

Would anyone recommend the DJ Control Instinct S? Please advise as I wish to purchase the mixers ASAP. Thank you very much :-)

Posted Mon 11 Feb 19 @ 7:21 am
I would probably go with another brand and a bit better build quality
For simple wedding DJing somthing like the Denon MC4000
That a real workhorse, and works great with VDJ

If you want to stay with Hercules maybe look at their newer controllers
Like the Inpulse 200 or Inpulse 300.
Both are supported in VDJ8 latest build

Posted Mon 11 Feb 19 @ 8:29 am