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Topic: Issue with native effects
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014

Most of the native effects having a "Position" button or "Source" button opening a window are affected by this issue i.e.: Screen Grab, Cover, but not Text

When used Deck related effects or even Master and Deck,, these buttons are not affected to the right effect. They seems the window keeps the last settings it was used with instead of being affected to the right instance, these configuration windows looks like being global.

If you open one Source per deck using "Grab Screen" you can select individualy the source and the position
Say you configure Deck1 next Deck2
if you try to modify Deck1, only Deck2 is affected

Taking care of setting effects individually, closing Position and Source windows closing config tab and disabling effect between every setup allows everythingg to work fine
thus this is only related to parameters windows

Other thing: as for every other effects, no parameter will be kept as they are never saved, native effects saving only one setting, the not deck related one

Posted Tue 05 Feb 19 @ 12:11 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
After some deeper investigations these bugs affect almost every effect, not only internal, not only video

1st issue:: Position & capture & text ... windows

Most configuration windows of Video effects are really Global for one effect.
Some are not totally affected the same way (i.e. ShowLogo seems to affect one window per deck, but can't be used twice per deck)

2nd issue: Parameters not/Partially saved

Parameters for most effects are saved either once or slot based, instead of needed Deck&Slot base nowdays

Thus for now a Workaround working some (i.e. Screen Grab) is simply not to configure same effects in the same a slot number another deck is using
Fully configure verry carefully the effect for one deck, desactivate its windows & desactivate it, configure the other deck, desactivate its windows and desactivate it ...
Once all decks are configured activate the effects. Do not try to modify/correct one
Badly this doesn't work with TM or TM but hopefully Save layouts exist

This is certainly a side effect of effect per deck, FXs were certainly developped initialy as master Fx only

Posted Sun 17 Feb 19 @ 7:39 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Settings for effects are indeed saved per effect, not per deck.
There is one exception, which is audio only visualisations, which save their own settings.

While VDJ is open, different decks and master can have different configurations for a single effect though, but only the last used one is saved.

I agree that it could make sense to have effect parameters stored separately from master vs decks, I don't think storing effect parameters on a per-deck basis, as there would usually not be a fixed deck for a fixed purpose (since you're typically mixing left to right and back, I don't see a specific need to always have a parameter set one way on the left deck and another way on another deck)

Posted Sun 17 Feb 19 @ 7:51 am
NicotuxHome userMember since 2014
This is because I was testing multiple video screen with multiple decks not affected specially to the Mix

Something like that

2 GrabScreens with rotating plates as an example

Posted Sun 17 Feb 19 @ 8:15 am