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Topic: 30-Band Equalizer
I have a question about Virtual DJ programm and hope you could help me with my problem.
I own the home plus version of Virtual DJ and just updated my Mac to the newest version (Mojave).
After installing the Mojave my 30 Band Equalizer stopped working. It said it is not compatible anymore.
Do you know what I can do, so that the Equalizer would work again?
Thank you in advance!

Posted Sun 16 Dec 18 @ 1:39 pm
lucascookt wrote :
my 30 Band Equalizer stopped working

...and what 30 band equalizer is that?

I'm not sure why you'd need such a thing anyway, when running VDJ at home.

Posted Sun 16 Dec 18 @ 1:49 pm

Posted Sun 16 Dec 18 @ 2:05 pm
for anyone how is looking for an Equalizer for Mac: the 10 EQ installer from the website has a small bug.
if you install the 10 EQ by the "extension" button within the VDJ programm it will work.

Posted Sun 16 Dec 18 @ 5:31 pm
lucascookt wrote :

Is threre chance to get the Plugin for Macintosh?

... would be nice, waiting for this too ....

Posted Sun 16 Dec 18 @ 7:06 pm