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Topic: Live stream to FB in VDJ 2018
Hello everyone.

Okay, so I am testing out VDJ 2018, and I am most interested in the live streaming to social media. It seems as though the three times i tried to do it, the feed was taken down pretty quickly by fb. Am I missing something or doing something wrong? Why have a feature that is just not going to work? I get the whole copyright infringement thing and all, but then why build a really sexy feature into VDJ that just isn't going to work?

Can someone please help clarify or let me know if I am not setting this up right?

Posted Mon 25 Jun 18 @ 5:01 am
You'll get answers saying that FB is working on making it legal. But generally it's the same with all copyrighted material vs where you play it. So it's really between you, the artist and FB in this case. Doesn't really matter which tool you use to do it. Currently I would simply test it with none-copyrighted music

Posted Mon 25 Jun 18 @ 6:07 am