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Topic: New Windows 10 Update - Now 'jolting' Waveform
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003

Just yesterday I installed a new windows 10 update, there was a notification saying that "this is a larger update than normal" and it took me through lots of options when I restarted, I elected not to use most of the features offered.

When I got to my gig I noticed the waveform wasn't as smooth as normal, it wasn't 'choppy' but the waveform just isn't as smooth, it seems to jolt forwards slightly every few beats, although no difference can be heard in the sound.

I had one issue in the early evening, I clicked on settings and the deck stopped playing, and I got that all familiar digital high pitched noise, I simply hit play on the stopped deck and it carried on fine and the noise disappeared.

I should say I'm using PC build: 4291. 1424
Windows 10, DDJ-1000

I should also say the waveform behaviour is the same without the DDJ connected.

Posted Sat 16 Jun 18 @ 6:06 pm
You should never update Windows before a gig. Seriously.

And you should also take an image of your system drive prior to the update so if something screws up you can roll back with no damage done.

Windows 10 updates are dangerous at the moment. It's obvious Microsoft are just using end users to test their updates.

Posted Sat 16 Jun 18 @ 6:21 pm
bagpussPRO InfinityMember since 2003

I agree that windows updates have been punishing at times, it makes me wonder whether to update my gig laptop at all, because there's always an introduction of risk that isn't outweighed by features that aren't required. Actually I just needed to use the internet briefly, and was unaware that my settings were to download updates. I've also found it more risky to have an update downloaded but not installed, than to simply install it, as windows can come up with silly prompts during gigs, I've even had an episode of windows restarting the computer, in spite of no being offline and not setting up a restart time, I was furious.

Anyway last nights gig went like a dream, so hopefully it was just a one off.

Posted Sun 17 Jun 18 @ 2:30 pm
If I have a gig machine that works fine I always disable OS updates. It's a bit more difficult in Windows 10 but can be done.

I use the GPD Pocket for my smaller gigs and this latest Windows 10 update seems to have borked a load of the drivers. Glad I disabled my one.

My main gig machine is around 4 years old and runs Windows 8.1 and has never been updated.

Posted Sun 17 Jun 18 @ 5:34 pm
VDJ RonPRO InfinityMember since 2010
Win 10 does sometimes update your drivers including the graphics driver. I have not sorted things out properly and just keep a known fully working graphics driver handy. I have not had any problems for a while and mine were with multiple video outputs at different resolutions.

Posted Mon 18 Jun 18 @ 10:18 am
As mentioned, always a good idea to wait on those updates until there is time to vet the machine before doing a gig. Since it has already happened, this wiki can get you going in the correct troubleshooting direction...

Things I do after major Windows updates:
- Go through the various Windows settings, such as redo the Privacy settings that sometimes change,
- Go into Device Manager, right-Click on major components and search for driver updates
-- Video, sound, chipset, etc.
. I generally like to wait a week or so and search the Internet for things like "Windows 10 v1803 issues", to see what users are experiencing.
. In some cases, I have to go back to a previous version of device driver, or just uninstall it and install it back.

I also found this "PC Optimizer" tool on the VDJ Addons link that gives a great synopsis of what is running on your computer that could be a an issue...
. It has a button to "Optimze for VDJ" and a "Reset improvements" button to go back.

Good luck!

Posted Tue 19 Jun 18 @ 7:52 pm
in windows 10 build 1709 at me too FPS waveform varies itself.
In build update 1803 normal.

Posted Wed 20 Jun 18 @ 1:57 pm