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Topic: Reloop Neon Mapping

I'm just doing some remapping of the Reloop Neon and trying to understand something.... apologies if this is an idiot question! :-)

Mainly I've just been swapping around which pads are launched with the 'pad mode selector' buttons... and I've noticed that the mapping for the 'Sampler' and 'Neon FX' pad modes is much more complex....

Is this because the Neon works by triggering completely different layers for each of the 'pad mode selection' options and, say, the 'sampler' layer is completely different from most of the other layers....

And if this is the case does it make it very difficult to swap around which 'pad mode selector' triggers the sampler pad and 'Neon FX' compared to swapping the other pad selections (or at least without doing a lot of scripting)?

I think I have a reasonable understanding of scripting but haven't quite got my head around layering.... is it basically as if there were multiple controllers, with each layer sending out completely different signals as if they were stand alone controllers needing independent mapping?

Thanks for any help on this...

Posted Tue 24 Apr 18 @ 6:34 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
The Sampler mode (offered from the SAMPLER mode button) is indeed a Single and Global Hardware layer, so you can either use it to assign its Pads with global actions (e.g. have a Pads page with Effects on Master, Video FX etc) or you need to assign all decks with the same Pad page and trigger all decks actions together.
Other than using this mode for Sampler (which is already assigned) and some global/master actions, i cant really see any other way to use this mode.

The other modes are Hardware layers, but per-Deck.

Let me know of what you are after and if you need any assistance in scripts.

Posted Tue 24 Apr 18 @ 1:34 pm
Hi djdad,

Thanks for the very useful info. Mainly I was just trying to understand what was going on mapping wise - why with that function each pad has multiple scripts such as:
SAMPLER_Pad_1 (like all modes) +
and also get my head a bit more round hardware layers!

Ideally I would have liked to made the sampler pad only active on a selected deck so that not all deck pads became the sampler pad..... or on the second layer (i.e. second push of the pad mode selector) and call up a different pad on the initial push.

However from what you say this is not really possible as that layer is global and also has a more complex command structure than other layers which means that it is really only useful for the sampler as preset....

Posted Tue 24 Apr 18 @ 8:37 pm
Hi djdad,

I've just realised that the second layer of the 'sampler pad mode select' button on the reloop neon which triggers the 'neon effects' layer does not seem to be a 'global' layer as it only triggers on the currently selected deck.

First of all is this correct? And secondly is there a way of reversing the order that these two layers are selected when pushing this selector so that the non global layer is selected first?

It would be more useful to be able to select a pad that didn't change the pads on all the decks initially rather than have to go through a layer that modifies the pad selection on all the decks first in order to get to an individual deck pad selection.... (if that makes sense!)

Many thanks....

Posted Thu 26 Apr 18 @ 7:13 am