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Topic: Logo in home edition
Hello, I'm a first time user. I would like to use the software at home to mix text/graphics videos for kids education - everything from my laptop only, no controllers or anything. It looks good except, the big red logo is covering up the text. Of course, in this version I cannot disable or move it to another part of the screen. Please consider at least making it transparent or a bit smaller, so it is not so inconvenient.



Posted Mon 12 Mar 18 @ 7:21 pm
It's actually not inconvenient, and is the perfect size. It's a form of advertisement, and meant to be seen. This also allows the company to make the home version free. You may not like the size, but that's the way it is. You will not notice it after awhile.

Posted Mon 12 Mar 18 @ 11:21 pm
Understood there is a need for the logo in the free version. Unfortunately, it covers up the text I need in my application. And I certainly cannot afford $400 or so for the upgrade, being a volunteer tutor for kids, that's all. Perhaps allowing it to be moved to a different location e.g., top-right? Thanks for looking, it was only a request.

Posted Tue 13 Mar 18 @ 3:39 am
I've seen several "KJ's" working in small clubs with the logo. I asked one if they knew how to remove it? She said no. When I went into the options, I realized that it was the home version. I said you need to upgrade to PRO. It's like just 3 or 400.00. She said "No way!"
…..I sometimes use a personalized logo, advertising the drink specials..

Posted Tue 19 Jun 18 @ 2:48 pm