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Topic: DMX lighting control
arzee1PRO InfinityMember since 2009
DMX lighting control within VDJ would be a great feature. If Pioneer can do it I know you guys can :-)

Posted Tue 27 Feb 18 @ 4:14 am
It's already there. At least 3 different options. If you want the automatic detection style like the Rekordbox feature, then take a look at the SoundSwitch integration in VDJ

Posted Tue 27 Feb 18 @ 6:12 am
On a site-note:

This is the second time within a short period of time that VDJ users don't become aware of VDJ features and plugins before Rekordbox makes something similar. It was the same with the lyrics feature

People should really dig into the manual and the add-on section more. There are SO many things available - also a lot that Rekordbox hasn't copied yet :)

Posted Tue 27 Feb 18 @ 6:16 am
arzee1PRO InfinityMember since 2009
Thanks. I already have the MyDMX software and box so plugin for that would be great. Tried the Freestyle route but it just keeps crashing.

Posted Sun 11 Mar 18 @ 2:02 am