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Topic: PS3 / PS4 Pad use as Midicontroller
Hello Mapping Pro's
Does some one of you know that this goes to Mapp and use A Playstation 3 /4 Gamepad /Controller as Midicontroller for VDJ 7 or VDJ 8 .
Thinkthat was a nice Thing that we can use for the VDJ Software.

Eventually that goes too use the Controller for Remote the VDJ Software for Automix or other.

LeftSide we L1 ,L2,and Left Analogstick for the Left Deck 1/3
L1 / L2 Track Back and Forward
L-Analog Up/ Down for Pitchbending +/- OR Track up/down in Database.
L-analog L/R for in Track search
L-3 =Track LOAD in Deck 1/3

Right Side we R1,R2 and Right Analogstick

Right Side of Controller for the Right Deck for the Decks 2/4
R1/R2= Track Back / Forward
And so on.

When you connect A PS4 Controller than than stand as Hid.

Hope the Mapping Pro's have Idea to use A Pad as MidicoN toller in VDJ.
Iself can not Mapping

Thanks forward


Posted Thu 08 Feb 18 @ 10:05 pm
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
One of the very first mapping things I did was turn a pc game pad into a hid controller.

Your idea of using y axis of the stick for bending and x axis for search could run into problems.

Posted Fri 09 Feb 18 @ 10:21 am
hrdnxPRO InfinityMember since 2011
could you repost that mapping please Loco
got me a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Posted Fri 09 Feb 18 @ 11:27 am
locodogPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2013
It won't work, firstly I don't know if a switch is a hid device, if it is, the vid pid number will be different, the data output from the hw could be similar or totally different. Each bit of hw needs a unique def file....
But seriously it's not that hard... I'd never mapped before, but with reading the bits in the wiki, using hidtrace.exe and asking numerous questions of anyone who would answer, I got it working as a beginner.
We've all got to start somewhere and if you choose to start here im sure;
1 you'll get some help once you can ask the right questions (by using the right language after reading the wiki entries on controller development)
2 you'll learn a lot
3 if you publish it, it will be popular.

Sounds worth while to me.

Posted Fri 09 Feb 18 @ 5:27 pm
Have some search on the inet and have found this shareware to emulate the keyboard / mouse to a joypad /gamecontroller :

Do you mean that goes with VDJ to ?
iself have not test it.

Posted Fri 16 Feb 18 @ 11:56 am