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Topic: Able to Play Albums Like You Do on a Real Record Player
I have a 2 deck record player skin,if the album is like Track1.mp3, Track2.mp3, Track3.mp3 and so on,when it plays the next track(.mp3) the arm goes back to the begin of the record to play the next track,is there away of making it play a album how a album is played on a real record player..?

For me to be able to do it I have to record the album tracks as one mp3 file for it to do it.

Posted Fri 02 Feb 18 @ 4:42 pm
No, because the arm is there to emulate a track playing, not an album.

Virtual DJ is a program designed for DJs, and DJs don't usually play an album all the way through.

Posted Fri 02 Feb 18 @ 5:19 pm
OK thanks.

Posted Fri 02 Feb 18 @ 7:35 pm