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Topic: Play a shoutcast stream via deck
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Posting from an idea by ajstanley, but a feature I would love to have also.

Right now, I can use SAM Broadcaster to play a shoutcast stream on a deck. But have yet to find an easy way to do this on VDJ.

On SAM, the track (song) simply uses the stream as the info (tag) and plays easily on a deck (Add URL).

The reason for this is when handing over from another DJ, the ability to stream them on a deck means you can log them off of a shoutcast board, log in with your own stream. Playing the current dj's stream on the deck. Then simply fade them out on the deck and start your own set.

So yeah, a feature to Add Stream URL would be nice :)

Posted Wed 24 Jan 18 @ 7:27 pm

Posted Wed 24 Jan 18 @ 8:02 pm