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Topic: Config not getting saved
Hi...I am Virtual DJ LE 6.1.2 on my Mac. We cannot saved the changes that I do in the Config. When I click on Apply nothing happens. I want to change the Sound Card setting to "2 Sound card" where output one is Built-In output and other is the Contoller. What could be the issue?

Posted Fri 05 Jan 18 @ 7:47 pm

Check that the location that stores the virtuladj.plist file and your documents> virtualdj folder have read write access

Posted Fri 05 Jan 18 @ 7:51 pm
pretty sure all LE versions are limited to the default audio config for the controller they came with.

Posted Fri 05 Jan 18 @ 10:11 pm
Permissions is setup fine. One more observation - I am able to apply and save the Config settings before I enter my license key i.e. I deleted the virtualdj.plist file, relaunch the VDJ LE, it asked me for the license key, I did not enter and went ahead, I went to settings, changed the config to "2 Sound Cards" - Apply and OK. It worked fine. I exited VDJ and relaunch, It launched with the saved Config settings. I exited again and relaunched the VDJ LE, entered the license number, went to Config, it was set to default, I changed the setting, clicked on Apply, nothing happened, Clicked on OK nothing happened, went to Config again, it was set to the default settings. I am unable to Save the setting after I enter the license key :( . I am using VDJ LE 6.1.2. Is there any file that I can change the setting without going to the Config? Or any other solution?

Posted Sat 06 Jan 18 @ 4:12 am
Please read the reply in the post above.

The LE version is limited to using only the config for your controller.

That is the correct configuration. You should be using the audio interface in the controller. Connect your headphones and your speakers to the controller.

Posted Sat 06 Jan 18 @ 9:17 am