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Topic: First set
Hello guys i need your help.More precisely can you tell me what should i do to making a better sets .Thank you for your advices , have a nice saturday
there you have a link , i didnt know other ways to sand this music ;DD

Posted Sat 09 Dec 17 @ 4:12 pm

Posted Sat 09 Dec 17 @ 6:02 pm
I agree with wickedmix on learning the essentials of beat matching and maintaining the energy (volume) through your transitions.

I think your best bet is to find and spend time with someone who has DJ'ed a bit longer than you have, have him listen to you play and learn from the person live. That way you will be able to see how and where you need to improve.

Your song selection is not too bad though *thumbs up*

Posted Fri 22 Dec 17 @ 8:32 am