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Topic: side list song slammed volume wouldnt stop playing
Wanted to see if anyone has had this issue,

I have been gearing up for a big show dec 9th,

I use vdj 7.4 pro

My comp is win 7 64 8 core, 4 gig ram,

I was using dj io and just the computer to mix in this case as i was concerned with playlists,

So i double click a song in side list just by mistake, which normally does nothing,
Normally i click grab it move it to the deck i desired,

A song is playing on one deck cued on the other,

When i double clicked that song it blasted full volume, the song playing is still playing at its normal volume
The sucked as i have powered ev 15s about 2 feet away for me, likely they heard it next door, lol
I had to crash vdj to get it to stop,

So anyone hear of clicking a track making it play full volume and no way to stop it,

This would be super bad at a show,


I can not as of yet make it happen again

Posted Tue 28 Nov 17 @ 9:18 pm
Posted too soon,
Appears some way pre listen got clicked,

Posted Tue 28 Nov 17 @ 11:50 pm