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Topic: XDJ-RX Mapping Bugs
CstolzHome userMember since 2017
Hi All, I have a problem with Midi Control aspect in VDJ8 and my XDJ-RX.

I have updated to the latest Firmware on the XDJ-RX Unit - Version 2.21
I have Installed the latest Driver for the controller on my PC (Windows 10 - Alienware 17R)

I can connect up and link the controller to VD8, using the usb to midi cable, I select use the sound card and I am able to navigate the browser section using the controller, but the jog wheels dont respond at all as well as the glitchy issues when cueing and playing using the controller?
I have made sure that the controller menu settings are set to use as midi on the XDJ-RX
What else could this be? Should i buy a new usb to midi cable?
Urgent help needed please i have gig in 2 days time.

Posted Wed 22 Nov 17 @ 8:03 am
most likely due to the USB cable

Posted Sun 11 Feb 18 @ 3:08 pm
Do you have a pro licence? I think home users only have limited time.. either you have a pirate copy or your gig is 10 mins long.
Either way, you need to support the software especially if you do public performances.

Posted Sun 11 Feb 18 @ 9:25 pm