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Topic: Vdj 8 and Hercules jogvision
lamozHome userMember since 2008
Sound seems like it fluctuates, does up and down. Tried all the gain settings, no, auto, remember, auto+remember
but not seem to help..

Any other settings I should try.

Posted Tue 21 Nov 17 @ 5:13 pm
Zerodb -6 or -3
Autogain - auto

Your hitting limiter this will fix it

Posted Tue 21 Nov 17 @ 5:39 pm
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Unless your gain knob on your controller is not centered perhaps?

Posted Tue 21 Nov 17 @ 5:42 pm
lamozHome userMember since 2008
I do notice the led sound meters on the controller are in the red. As if too much gain
but on the screen the "gain" knob is centered. I will try he -6 as suggested.
Thanks guys

Posted Tue 21 Nov 17 @ 5:54 pm
lamozHome userMember since 2008
Thank you guys
the -6 gain fixed my issue.

Posted Fri 24 Nov 17 @ 5:37 pm
have try to download mappers for vdj 8 and i don't get the right link please help

Posted Wed 28 Mar 18 @ 7:19 pm
Support is built in. You don't need to download a mapper.

Posted Wed 28 Mar 18 @ 7:26 pm