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Topic: Change BPM For Multple Of Tracks
I am fully aware of adding the BPMs of songs using the BPM Editor...but what I would like to know is...Is there a way to change multiple of songs that are for instance 150 BPMs to 75 BPMs without having to do each song individually?

Posted Sun 12 Nov 17 @ 5:54 am
AdionPRO InfinityCTOMember since 2006
Select all the tracks you want to change, open the tag editor, and press the halve bpm button.
Then press ok and that's it

Posted Sun 12 Nov 17 @ 6:24 am
Got a new one regarding multiple tracks & BPM. I have folders with 1000s of tracks and a couple of them I had to re-update the BPMs to a back up hard drive, Usually when I attempt to add BPMs to multiple of tracks, about 3 tracks would change at a time... NOW the BPM is only updating one track at a time. Is there any way that I can change it so that multiple of tracks are updated again...its taking MAD long when I have so many to update.

Posted Wed 02 Jan 19 @ 11:35 pm
Ghetospydr wrote :
about 3 tracks would change at a time... NOW the BPM is only updating one track at a time

On the same computer? Or was it doing 3 tracks on a different computer?

The number of tracks VDJ scans at once (and how fast) depends on your CPU. On my desktop PC it goes like the wind, but my laptop only does one at a time.

Posted Thu 03 Jan 19 @ 5:48 pm
Ohhhh!!!! Okay...Yeah, it was a different laptop!! The one I am on now is a loaner til I get ole reliable out the shop!

Posted Thu 03 Jan 19 @ 6:57 pm
Here is what i did to fix it... What i did was i went and highlighted multiple files and opened the tag editor and then where the bpm is listed, i clicked the /2 and it corrected all the files that were highlighted......

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Posted Sun 17 Feb 19 @ 6:03 am