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Topic: revert upgrade
Recently accepted a new version of Virtual-DJ Pop-Up on my device. Since the "update" the system tells me I can only use the equipment for a period of 10 minutes at a time UNLESS I buy a license???? I purchased the product and everything was fine until this "update" CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME GET BACK TO UNLIMITED SPINNING. I didn't pay for restricted usage of the product I bought.

Posted Wed 25 Oct 17 @ 3:11 am
Reverting the software won't help you - the 10 min limits start when your trial period ends

What will help you is to login to the software with the credentials (username and password) you used to buy the software
That's not the credentials you have used to login to this forum today, because that clearly states that you are registered as a no-license home user
As long as that is the case, and you use the same credentials in the software, you will have the 10 min limitation

Posted Wed 25 Oct 17 @ 7:04 am

Posted Mon 30 Oct 17 @ 10:58 pm