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Topic: ASK The DJ Feature in Virtual DJ
I was wondering if the Ask The DJ feature in virtual DJ will be getting any new feature anytime soon. Because I am a big fan of Virtual DJ.

Request for ASK The DJ Feature in Virtual DJ

1. I would really like the capability of uploading different types of formats for the catalog rather then just uploading it in a txt file. Would be nice for it to accept pdf format.

2. Also can you please look at the facebook like button on the ask the dj page because I think its broken. Because every time it opens the page it says that it needs to be logged in. But when i open the page up in the setup page for ask the dj the facebook page works.

3. Add more social integration button on the ask the dj web page, like for example a twitter like button, or a mixcloud button or soundcloud button I think it would be really cool.

Posted Wed 11 Oct 17 @ 7:15 pm