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Topic: video logo in virtual dj
Im wondering if there is a way to make a moving dj logo that is able to play on top of my virtual dj videos. im not talking a jpeg or something but a cool aftereffects generated logo.. like something I learned on videocopilot.. any thoughts ?

Posted Fri 25 Aug 17 @ 3:49 am
Something like this;

Top right moving logo is played back with the sampler and therefore works on PC & Mac.

It's a bit juddery due to being recorded on the same bootcamped Mac that was generating it.
It was done around 3 years ago just after VDJ8 was released.

Posted Fri 25 Aug 17 @ 7:48 am
freppaPRO InfinityMember since 2002
Just one google search away and you can find this:

What would you like to have?
Can you give me some input what you want, ex. the logo Picture, color etc. and I could see if I can work on something for you.

Posted Fri 25 Aug 17 @ 10:15 am
One issue is to create the video which others have made comments on. For playback, you have been able to do this with TellyMedia since about 2010 (was a different name at the time). If you wish to overlay the video logo over the VDJ video, TM supports native transparency for gif, png, animated png, and a variety of video transparency for video such as FLV, MOV, and AVI.

Also you can display a variety of images or video files automatically so you don't have to just display your logo.

This is Charlie Taylor's Bluemark entertainment video logo animating. Has been moved and sized to play in lower right of screen.

So say let the logo play and automatically display the next one... You can have as many pak files as you want. TM uses pak files to store the video links, thumbnails, etc. Up to 72 video links can be stored in a pak file and these can be loaded or saved at any time. They can be automated to play in sequence or randomly or just play one in manual mode and let it loop. Here the logo has displayed and then displays the spring break video and then back to logo. This pak file had only 2 video links in it and it will automatically cycle between the two.

Posted Fri 25 Aug 17 @ 6:23 pm