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Topic: VDJ7 Plugins Compatible With Vdj8?

Slowly exploring the prospect of finally shifting to Vdj8.

I have a set of plugins I use with V7 that I generally copy the whole vdj folder in my documents on each Windows reinstall.

Will these same plugins appear in vdj8?

What do I need to know to use plugins in vdj8 due to there being no "effects" tab anymore?

Main plugins I use are,
Don M's registered version of media (sorry, laptop is busy I forget the name off hand), plays 4 pages of media clips, I use the plugin for playback of audio only tracks.

Two copies of SBDJ's scrolltext, one for top showing title artist bpm and comments. And the other on the bottom showing promos and venue info.

Showlogo+ for spinning logo in corner of screen.

Showcover. To show track covers.

I also use Backdrops x 4 at times to put whole image on a backdrop of a TV, with promotional info around it.

I'm not a fan of change, I learn slowly. I've tried vdj8 twice before but had to go back to 7 as I couldn't learn all the changes, also I don't like any of these massive controllers that vdj8 support. I prefer a 2ru controller, seems that is not supported on vdj8 so I had to stick with 7 again.

I now have a Denon Dn hc4500 on the way. It's 3ru,with a screen, something I insist on. And inbuilt 24bit audio.
I have a post in the skins folder as my skin seems all messed up in vdj8. And I'll soon start a thread in controllers as I want to copy much of the code from the stock mapper, and my existing dac2 mapper for things like "deck safe led" and saving cues ect.

Posted Tue 08 Aug 17 @ 6:06 pm
TellyMedia and TellyVisuals work on both 7 and 8. Get the latest download from addons. A single install of each when handle VDJ 7 or 8. Most of 7 video effects have some kind of problems in 8 but some of do work but not sure which ones and some can cause problems.

Posted Tue 08 Aug 17 @ 7:13 pm
Thanks Don.

Installed the latest essential media, but it crashes v7 (why 7 and 8 share a folder I never know if the plugins have so much trouble in both versions). And in v8 it's not appearing in the settings for audio only plugin. Only tellevisuals is and I just want essential media.

Also it's asking for a registration again even though I paid for EM.

Rather frustrated with v8 to be honest but I want the new engine.
I can't even get rid of the virtual dj logo on the video window.
Going to have a look through the manual but I don't think there's a setting for it.

SBDJs logo and mask transition plugins have my logo upside down, and if I fix it for v8, it will the be upside down for v7 if I need to use it.

Show cover doesn't work.

Showlogo+ doesn't work.

SBDJs scroll text works but the macros arnt being passed to the plugins (like title artist ect)

I'll have a look in the plugins section for v8 versions but as v8 and v7 share the my documents folder I can't load them in for v8 without fear that one day I'll click the wrong plugin in v7 and crash the program.
All I can think of doing is making two folders on another drive with all the v8 plugins and swapping the folder if I need to use v7. Would have been smarter to have two folders in my documents I say, unless I'm missing something?

Posted Thu 10 Aug 17 @ 8:58 pm
djcelPRO InfinityModeratorMember since 2004
Vdj logo can be removed in the pro version. It's in the options under video section.

Posted Thu 10 Aug 17 @ 9:53 pm
halo_djk wrote :
Thanks Don.

Installed the latest essential media, but it crashes v7 (why 7 and 8 share a folder I never know if the plugins have so much trouble in both versions). And in v8 it's not appearing in the settings for audio only plugin. Only tellevisuals is and I just want essential media. .

There are problems with most VDJ7 video plugins when run under VDJ8. TellyMedia was fully ported to VDJ8 and is backward compatible with EssentialMedia and EM was never completely ported to VDJ8. It was stopped during the process. Install TellyMedia and it will appear in the settings for audio only as TellyMediaV. TellyMedia and TellyVIsuals have fixes and improvements and are maintained and both work on 7 and 8 with a single install.

I have nothing to do with EssentialMedia any more.

Posted Thu 10 Aug 17 @ 10:57 pm
I may have the wrong version of Telly media?

I looked at it, it allowed me to create a panel, but I couldn't make it do what I wanted. 4 or so pages of videos and flash animations that play in random when I play a audio only track.

Can telly media do that?

Posted Sat 12 Aug 17 @ 7:10 am
Yes.. To be sure you can download from here and if it does not do what you wanted let me know. It does do all the same things EssentialMedia did and more. It is also a bit confusing the way yoo are describing creating a panel in TM... You don't create panels in TM but You do in TellyVisuals.... Are you confusing TellyVisuals with TellyMedia?

There are separate down loads for TellyVisuals and TellyMedia... You can download plus and non-plus versions here. The plus versions require a donation and non-plus versions do not.

Posted Sat 12 Aug 17 @ 2:05 pm
Thanks Don... Not sure what's in there. Going to have to set up a spare pc with a copy of VD8 and a movable my documents folder to set up all the compatible plugins first before installing tellymedia. I suspect I have the wrong program. I don't want to mess up my show PC. I've already installed the vdj8 essential media by accident, that also appearing in VDJ7. I almost crashed my system mid show by going to reset the audio only plugin, that would have been the v8 if I selected it.

I had no video for every MP3 I played for the night and had customers asking what was wrong with my system.

Posted Sat 12 Aug 17 @ 5:01 pm
By the way halo, I think it was you who asked about putting in an aspect adjustment for various screens many years ago. I did that and for EM and still in TellyMedia. I don't believe we ever followed up on it and have no idea if you used it or what input you may have had.

Posted Sat 12 Aug 17 @ 8:28 pm
Yes Don, that sounds like me.

I have some work to do to filter through all the transitions and effects that work with v8, and then find the newer plugins if they exist in the v8 downloads section. Not sure how I'm going to do that yet.

Then transfer the whole VIRTUAL DJ folder to my show pc, backing up the folder that's used for v7. Wish they'd set it up with a v7 and v8 folder separately. It's going to be a big job.

Biggest job is converting my v7 skin to v8 as it's all messed up on v8 and I've forgotten all the xml code, and don't know anything about skinning v8 at all.

Posted Sun 13 Aug 17 @ 5:41 am

Hey Don,

Installed V8 on my spare pc. Found the TellyMedia plugin for it and installed, now appears for audio only tracks. Is it going to show unregistered or is it free. I did have a license for essential media.

I don't have my media on this pc to test it with.

Found the hide logo switch for vdj8... So that's a step in the right direction.

Posted Sun 13 Aug 17 @ 11:23 am
You can use the non-plus version for free with no interference but it was not free for me to create it. If you use it a donation is appreciated. The plus versions add more features and get more attention. Plus users also get TellyContainer which allows TM and TV to run without using VDJ. TellyMedia etc. have nothing to do with Pangolin or what you may have done in the past for EM or EV.

Specifically TM+ adds these things to the basic TM addon. TV+ adds many features.

1) adds 2 banks for the Media tab making 6 banks or 72 media files open at same time. They can be saved or loaded at anytime.

2) adds support for IP cameras and ability to rotate the camera image 90 degrees in addition to flip horizontal and flip vertical.

3) adds options for 12 different font sizes for the user interface for various screen resolutions.

4) adds 2 more separate display windows in addition to the VDJ display window. You can set TM's Media, Carousel, and Camera displays to be on any window. The windows can be moved to any display you might have.,

5) adds an option to use software YUV decoding in addition to hardware YUV decoding. There were some users who said they were getting black images for some video (YUV videos). It only occurred on some Intel cards. So since I was not able to reproduce it on my machines, the first test was to send these users test code that would verify all the checking I do for this sort of thing. The test reported back to me that all the test were saying everything is ok and YUV decoding is fully supported for those machines. I gave these users a quick fix. The next thing was to search the internet for information on this.. It took weeks of searching for a real answer (months really as I had made 2 or 3 attempts prior to the last and successful attempt). I finally found the answer and it was burred deep. I found only a single note from Intel about the problem and them admitting to it. I found the driver that fixed the problem and was only available via a special link and was not available via any update link. This just goes to show you that I will go to great lengths to help if you have donated. I will also help you with non-plus versions but more limited to the plugins while for plus versions I will try to help you with just about anything. I will diagnose problems on your machine when necessary. The YUV software decoding option was added as an instant fix but suggest driver fix instead when possible.

Posted Sun 13 Aug 17 @ 3:44 pm
Thanks Don, will the Plus version run as a audio only plugin? At the moment I have a TellyMedia and a TellyMediav, I would have preferred just the one as I keep changing settings on the wrong one.

I also found last night that turning Audio off in the settings was not turning audio off and the sound from a couple of my flash animations was coming over the top of my music. I did however stop it by clicking the speaker icon instead for mute, but there may be a bug in there.

Posted Mon 14 Aug 17 @ 4:33 am
There are 2 (TellyMedia and TellyMediaV) because:

1) They used the same main folder for both 7 and 8 and 8 adds a Visualisation folder.
2) TellyMedia runs under both 7 and 8.
3) TellyMedia is placed in the VideEffect folde so 7 can see it, and TellyMediaV is placed in the Visualisation folder so 8 will list it as visualisation.
4) If they are named the same then it will confuse VDJ.

Not something I liked doing for sure but did not have much of a choice. There is a very long and detailed history of me complaining about the way they did visualizations for 8 and confusion but gave up complaining about it.

The plus versions act just like the non-plus versions in all respects and just do more.

I will see what I can do about flash playing audio when audio has been turned off... For those they do their own audio thing and a minor miracle I can control it at all. Flash support will probably be on the way out when TM and TV are combined.

Posted Mon 14 Aug 17 @ 2:57 pm
The million dollar question is still: Do you make use of the aspect correct ? haha. I have moved this to different code bases over the years because it seemed like a good idea but I have never had any feedback on it at all. After completing it years ago you seemed to have disappeared. I mentioned that TellyContainer is another program available to plus users. It has something called a shape tool which allows you to bend and twist or correct the aspect or correct the projection and it may be a more complete way to do it. It is in TC only at the moment as an experimental thing but I am sure it will make its way into TV/TM eventually.

Posted Mon 14 Aug 17 @ 3:14 pm
Thanks Don... I don't know what aspect I'm using but all the clips I'm using, some 4:3 flash animations and some 16:9 videos are all showing correctly... So I guess it's fixed.

I tried installing a v8 app but not sure what it was now EM or TM but I do remember it crashed V7, so I'm a bit scared to try that again. I've created a new Virtual DJ folder in my documents for v8 that will have to be swapped with the folder for the V7 folder if I need to swap back for some reason.

How do we go about a donation and what features does it add? Is it a different download or a key we type in?

Posted Tue 15 Aug 17 @ 4:03 am
The aspect ratio thing was not to fix a bug. The various aspects of videos already worked and optionally stretched. This was something different... Not trying to drag this out but I have been dragging this thing around from place to place lol.. Here is screen shot. I probably want to eliminate this thing and handle it other ways.

Don't try EM, use TM. Remove EM from your machine. I am open to suggestions and some things that get put in are suggestions from users.

You can make a donation and always get the latest here:

Posted Tue 15 Aug 17 @ 2:55 pm
Thanks Don. I think I'll pop you a PM about donation.

Posted Tue 15 Aug 17 @ 9:54 pm