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Topic: Convert to MP3
Hi, I downloaded Virtual DJ free version, so I could chop & slow some tracks, but now i can't figure out how to convert my recordings to MP3, Please help me. Thank you!

Posted Sun 21 May 17 @ 8:13 am
What makes you think your recordings (Of what? From where?) need to be converted?

Unless they're in a very unusual file format, they should play fine as they are. What format are they in? Did you try playing them?

Posted Sun 21 May 17 @ 9:02 am
groovindj, thanks for the response, maybe I didn't word it correctly, but I just found the answer to what I was looking for on Youtube video "Recording Overview - VirtualDJ 8"

Posted Sun 21 May 17 @ 11:09 am
can someone help me to convert the music I bought through virtualDj8 (iDJPoll, Remixes and Audio Pro) with the code file ".vdjcache" to mp3

Posted Fri 14 Jun 19 @ 11:26 pm
You can't buy music through VDJ.

If you're using Content Unlimited then you're renting the music. It doesn't belong to you.

Because it's not owned by you, it's copy protected and cannot be recorded. If you want to own music for DJing, you need to buy it.

Posted Fri 14 Jun 19 @ 11:35 pm
Nobody should pay IDJPoll remixes because it is a scam be careful ... they are thieves because they do not let you download the music and worse still record the music in your VirtualDj program and when you do not keep paying you take away the music that you saved when downloading cache . And even worse, it is only for the United States music and not for the world.

Posted Sat 15 Jun 19 @ 4:04 am

Posted Sat 15 Jun 19 @ 6:49 am

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