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Topic: Resizing Mix Lab fo VDJ 8
netblamPRO InfinityMember since 2008
Can the top part and the browser be resized. I would like to make the section where you load the songs to be larger than it is. I have tried to use The resizer tool, but could not get it to work even after trying for quite some time. I tried using the YouTube video to help, but that did not seem to be of any benefit.

Posted Mon 20 Mar 17 @ 9:07 pm

Posted Mon 20 Mar 17 @ 9:12 pm
netblamPRO InfinityMember since 2008

Posted Tue 21 Mar 17 @ 2:43 am
I'm the one who updated the Mix Lab skin so it (mostly) works on VDJ 8.

That mainly meant updating XML code behind the scenes. It wasn't possible to enhance the graphics in any way because they weren't available in any higher resolution. VDJ 8 automatically sizes skins to fit the screen anyway.

What you need to bear in mind is the skin and screen ratio. Old skins were designed for old (narrower) screens. New screens are generally wider, with skins designed to fill that width. The Mix Lab skin is old, so it's not a "widescreen skin".

BTW the skin resizer is also old, designed to resize VDJ 7 skins. It doesn't understand the XML code used in VDJ 8 skins.

Posted Tue 21 Mar 17 @ 5:54 pm