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Topic: Content Unlimited VIDEO does not have all music videos?
I have run into this issue a couple of times.... Am I doing something wrong?

The search function for Content Unlimited Video will not yield any results for certain music videos, while those videos ARE in fact available directly from the website.

It was my understanding that Content Unlimited is a licensing subscription service to VJ-Pro's entire video library. Am I mistaken?

FYI: one example of this is "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" by artist Jake Owen. Music Video not available in Content Unlimited Video but IS available at website for purchase and download.

Posted Mon 27 Feb 17 @ 6:31 pm
Well maybe Jake Owen or his label just don't want his material made available via subscription/streaming services.

This is quite common. Some artists and/or labels only sell their music.

Posted Mon 27 Feb 17 @ 6:42 pm
In the Jake Owen example specifically, there are other Jake Owen songs available via Content Unlimited Video. This particular song is not, however. The same is true for Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball", to name another.

I didn't mean to place too much focus on that one song--it was just randomly the example that I used. I'd like to focus back on the umbrella question of: Is Content Unlimited Video a licensing subscription service for VJ-Pro's entire library, or is it normal for some songs to be excluded? If it is normal, what is the reason for the exclusion of some?

Posted Mon 27 Feb 17 @ 8:03 pm
Hello every one , We are all on the same page and I hope this topic is not canceled by those who claim to be moderators (sorry is my experience in other topic)
BTW I send an email to VJ-PRO / SmashVision

I'm interested in knowing if its content is the same that offers Virtual DJ . I have both content unlimited for music and video from VDJ.

and this is the answer
Thank for contacting us. I can't say for sure as they do the programing themselves, we are just the content suppliers. So in other words, they have our complete library at their disposal, but its up to them what they make available.

In other words we continue to pay for something that we not receive . I have treated the topic in content unlimited audio but it is impossible for someone to respond EVEN FROM ATOMIX

Posted Mon 27 Feb 17 @ 11:53 pm

Posted Tue 28 Feb 17 @ 10:56 am
I have just joined content unlimited for video, and run a small venue for about 60 people if all ages. I'm dismayed at the lack of oldie tracks and those by some very up to date artists. I understood there would be a vast library and joined in good faith. Sadly, so far very disillusioned. Can anyone advise where to get a track listing from?

Posted Tue 08 Aug 17 @ 4:48 pm