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Topic: Stable Version

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Guys and Girls,
what's the most stable version?
8.2 I had problems, have gone back to 8.1 but still has a few bugs, one i came across is Sideshow does not work
interested whats your best version

Thanks in advance


Posted Fri 26 Aug 16 @ 11:16 pm
It's best to update to the latest version, and if you are having issues, let us know. We may have a fix, or if it's a bug, the team needs to know about it. There is a reason we are on 8.2, to fix the issues that were in 8.1. If you have an issue, and don't say anything and just go back to the previous issue, how can we help you? There are many users here using 8.2. and don't have issues. My slideshow has always worked. You did not say the OS you were using.

Posted Sun 28 Aug 16 @ 2:28 am

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