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Topic: Numark Orbit To Control Lighting

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Hi Guys. I am mapping a Numark Orbit to control freestyler. I am having an issue with the Jog wheel. I would like it to control the master Intensity with it but am having an issue that as soon as it goes above 50% on the Orbit which is 100% on Freestyler then it drops to 0%.
My current action is " param_multiply 255 & param_cast 'integer' & set '$fsvalue' value & set '$fscommand' 155 "
In the Devices XML, the code is <button cc="0x02" value="0x01" name="K1" channel="15" /> for the jog wheel.
What would I need to change to get it to stop at 100%
Any help.

Posted Mon 20 Jun 16 @ 7:32 am
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005
If not mistaken, the Orbit jog is sending both relative and absolute CC notes.
But why do you use <button> and not <slider> or <encoder> ?
So for a <slider> (absolute position), it should be ..
<slider cc="0x02" name="" channel=""/>
and for the encoder (relative position ) it should be ..
<encoder cc="0x02" name="" channel=""/> (you may need to define zero="" too)
You could still add a <button> as well and maybe split the action to 2 parts, one with the actions you need to send its velocity and another one for the button when you need to send a specific value when the "Jog provides a specific value.

This is how the Jog (in K2 mode) is defined in the native definition..
<slider cc="0x02" name="WHEEL_K2_BANK1_ABS" ghost="no" channel="0" />
<jog cc="0x02" full="52" name="WHEEL_K2_BANK1_JOG" channel="0" />
<encoder cc="0x02" name="WHEEL_K2_BANK1_REL" channel="0" />
You can skip the <jog>, you wont need it.

Posted Mon 20 Jun 16 @ 11:57 am
Thanks for the quick response. I have tried several different combinations and I either get erratic response from the wheel or the initial up to halfway on the controller as before?
My knowledge on coding is very limited. could you give me an example to try?
On another topic related to the freestyler dmx plugin. would it be possible to get the orbit or another midi device to get the status of what cuelist button etc from freestyler and report it to the controller?

Posted Tue 21 Jun 16 @ 11:06 am

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