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Topic: Save and Load multiple loops
mcr108sControlleristMember since 2015
Hi, does anyone have a way of saving multiple loops? I can see how I can save one and also create a custom button to retrieve it but what about a second one? Assigning the load button it actually says "load 1" implying there could be other numbers.

Posted Mon 21 Dec 15 @ 11:07 pm
SBDJPRO InfinityDevelopment TeamMember since 2006
Yup, you can substitute with a name or number, for example:

loop_load 6
loop_save 'myloop'

There's also saved_loop which recalls a loop if set, and saves it if not. Ideal for use on pads etc.

In addition to those, you can also use loop_load_prepare (and saved_loop_prepare) which set the loop but don't jump to it.

In recent builds saved loop recall whilst playing also obeys smart_cue (and hence globalQuantize) so you can use them exactly like hot cues with loops attached too.

Lots of flexibility available.

Posted Mon 21 Dec 15 @ 11:15 pm
mcr108sControlleristMember since 2015
That was quick, thanks, but ok, how do I change the button assignments from 1 to 2? (for load and save)

Posted Mon 21 Dec 15 @ 11:23 pm
mcr108sControlleristMember since 2015
Hmm it doesnt make sense to me that the skins file for 2 decks is in the zip file, i cant find a file that is actively used. Where is my modified skin saved?

Posted Mon 21 Dec 15 @ 11:33 pm
SBDJPRO InfinityDevelopment TeamMember since 2006
mcr108s wrote :
That was quick, thanks, but ok, how do I change the button assignments from 1 to 2? (for load and save)

Your best bet is to use a custom button, or a skin with multiple load/save slots already on it.

Posted Mon 21 Dec 15 @ 11:52 pm
mcr108sControlleristMember since 2015
Sir, you are most helpful:) So if I want to modify and have save and load loop 1 and 2 to my FX1 and FX2 buttons, how would I go about that.. I have almost succeded.

FX1: toggle 'fx1' : loop_load 1
<This does not actually load the loop>

FX2: var "shift" ? loop_save 2 : loop_load 2
<this works to save and load the loop but does not light up the button and does not enable toggling of the loop>

Any ideas how to make the toggle load work?:)

Thanks a bunch!

Posted Tue 22 Dec 15 @ 12:32 am
mcr108sControlleristMember since 2015
actually managed to search some in the forum and found a way by piecing solutions together.

So, I have mapped FX1, FX2 to Load (Save) Loops. FX3 to end loop.

The code for the FX1 and FX2:
var "shift" ? loop_save 1 : loop_load 1

FX 3:

The code for the FX1 and FX2 Led
loop_load_prepare "Saved Loop 1" ? blink 50 ms : off

Dont know if this makes sense to anyone else but I thought I could use this more than having more than one access to FX.

Posted Tue 22 Dec 15 @ 1:28 am
Try this:

saved_loop 1 ? saved_loop 1 : loop ? saved_loop 1 : nothing

If you want the lood to be loaded but the track not to jump on the loop position (in other words if you want the deck to keep playing and start looping when it reaches the loop position) change the above script to:

saved_loop 1 ? saved_loop_prepare 1 : loop ? saved_loop 1 : nothing

For the led use this code:

loop_load 1 ? loop_load_prepare 1 ? blink : on : off

The led will blink when a loop is waiting to be executed, will be on when a saved loop exists on the slot, and off when there is no saved loop yet.

PS1: You can change 1 with 2 for the second button, 1 with 3 for third button e.t.c.
PS2: The code I gave you will store a new loop ONLY if the deck is looping when you press the button.

Posted Tue 22 Dec 15 @ 7:17 am
mcr108sControlleristMember since 2015
Just wow, the value of this forum. I thank you both, I have accomplished now the setup that I was looking for and hopefully someone else will benefit in the future also. These pre set loops really makes life easier:)

Posted Tue 22 Dec 15 @ 1:09 pm
Awesomes script, very helpfull!
Just 2 questions:
- I used:


, if the song position is before the saved loop there is no jump to the loop (that's normal) but if the song position is after the saved loop, I have a jump back to the loop. Any idea to disable this jump back ?

-I tried to map this :


But It doesn't work. Is it possible to map a button for fast delete a saved loop?
Thank's a lot.

Posted Fri 10 Nov 17 @ 8:05 pm
djdadPRO InfinityDevelopment ManagerMember since 2005

Posted Sat 11 Nov 17 @ 9:23 am
Yes, The right syntax to map was:

loop_delete 1


Posted Sat 11 Nov 17 @ 10:29 am