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Topic: Hercules 4mx wont run on windows 10 with virtual dj 7
Greetings fellow audiophiles,

So my problem is this.

I got a new lap top cause my previous one after 6 years made pretty much broke down.

Go the same one just a newer version.

Its a Lenovo 650 standard package and all that jazz. It runs on windows 10

The problem:
Virtual dj and my computer wont recognize that my controller is connected.

Everything is up to date.
I even updated the firmware and drivers that are available on

Plug in the controller, decks A & B light up but thats it.

I go to my hidden icons and the hercules box has a red X through it.

Also the same sound settings ive used on my temporary lap top wont work on the new one. The tempoary lap top where i do have my controller succesffully connected to is at INPUTS: none. OUTPUTS: master: left chan / headphones: right chan SOUND CARD: mono seperated, primary sound card.

This configuration also allows me to use vdj successfully with out the controller and can easily switch back and forth if needed. The temp lap top runs on a bootleg windows 7.

The new lap top however no matter what audio setting i put on it vdj is more or less useless.

So that pretty much it. Let me know if i need to provide you with any more information.

Help me forum dwellers, you are my only help...

Thanks in advance,

Posted Sun 13 Dec 15 @ 9:44 pm
DJ PhatsoPRO InfinityHercules Support TeamMember since 2005
Seems like the the problem is that your 4-Mx is not correctly recognized and installed on your new computer. Consequently, it is obvious that VDJ will not be able to use it.

This is easy to verify using the following document:

- Have you tried all the of USB ports on this computer to see if the behavior is the same everywhere ?

- As mentioned on the driver download page, a powered USB hub might be necessary for your DJ controller to be recognized and used properly on recent computers featuring USB 3.0 ports (which is most likely the case with this computer). Have you also tried one ?

Posted Thu 17 Dec 15 @ 1:05 pm
Olá minha Hercules 4 MX quando abro virtual Dj fala que não detectou a placa de som!? antes estava abrindo normal do nada parou de funcionar
outra coisa estranha que no gerenciador de dispositivos no drive se encontra com (!) somente no drivers dela. outra coisa estranha e quandov ou no meu painel de controle o ICON da Hércules esta lá porem quando eu abro a interface da controladora ela esta com Bug uma letra sobrepondo as abas quando vou intercalas nas abas da interface da controladora em ajudem ai por favor.minha maquina e uma DELL inspiron 155537 16gb ddr3 Core i7

Posted Sun 02 Dec 18 @ 8:55 pm